Friends of St Martin's Gardens

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Poetry for 10 June Community Festival

The running order for the events is taking shape and a local poet, Dinah Livingstone, will be reading some of her poetry including this one.

St Martin's Gardens

These gardens for the overflow of graves
from St Martin's in the Fields are our lung,
our public open space;they now belong
to ghosts and many local London lives.
Dappled sunlight through the plane tree leaves,
shadows of municipal railings flung
aslant the path, my tiny daughter climbing
the monstrous slide, the kindly gardner saves
my naughty four year-old lost son,
now long ago, but in the atmosphere
of this between-the-housebacks little park,
the back of many minds, a village green
in Camden, like the tombs they stay here,
though still with all their future fresh to make.

Dinah Livingstone


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