Friends of St Martin's Gardens

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Our community plants wildflowers

Saturday 19 March was the best day of the year so far; blue skies and lots of sun. A group of around 20 local people met to plant around 500 wildflower seedlings in the wildlife area around the children's playground.

Friends of St Martin's Gardens committee members Maureen and Romy had attended a Council pre-requisite "managing volunteers" training session, and ran through the required tool and safety briefing before the planting commenced.

It was a unique opportunity for neighbours to meet up and contribute positively towards our environment, and we hope the plants will provide some colour in the area later this summer.

Our next meeting is Tuesday 17 May at 6.30pm, and our next activity in the Gardens is on Sunday 12 June for the London Open Squares Weekend, 11am - 2pm, details to be determined at the May meeting.

Chair of FoSMG, Plume, poking the seedlings out of the tray

Our trowels coordinate with our our clothes

It's never to young to learn to garden

Many hands made light work, planting took about an hour

The organisers - FoSMG committee members - Maureen, Plume, Romy